rolin-moeEdutechnicalities is the web domain of Rolin Moe, Assistant Professor and Director of Academic Innovation at Seattle Pacific University.  This space exists as an opportunity to share thoughts, resources and discussion on topics of learning, technology, media and culture.

Rolin holds an EdD in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University, and wrote his dissertation on sociocultural attitudes surrounding MOOCs (from which he produced several publishings).  His academic interests include learning theory, technology-mediated learning, openness in education, critical theory, and how education is referenced in film and television culture.

Rolin is also the CEO of RAM TEC, an educational consulting outfit specializing in developing social constructivist learning solutions for formal and non-formal institutions.  RAM TEC has worked with numerous formal and non-formal learning institutions, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum, NextThought, and the School of Education at California State University – Channel Islands.

Rolin, his wife Becca and his son Declan love to travel, hike, make Rube Goldberg machines and find mischief.  At one time the Internet’s (self-proclaimed) foremost expert on pedestrian bridges, Rolin’s cognitive surplus is now devoted to tracking down obscure yet memorable cover versions of 1970s and 1980s popular music.

For more about Rolin (including CV, consulting, etc.), visit rolinmoe.org