Edutechnicalities Podcast Home – Soft Launch for #OpenEd18

Edutechnicalities is a podcast dedicated to deep dives on topics at the center of the future of education. Our first series is on emergent scholarship, the opportunities and obstacles in adopting a greater definition and acceptance of scholarship types, topics and formats (using Ernest Boyer’s Scholarship Reconsidered as a starting point).  This seven-part series identifies a number of elements within this movement: the history of scholarship, the growth of emergent forms, the struggles for emergent forms to break into ubiquity for promotion/guild/accreditation objectives, the relationship of scholarship and non-academic knowledge structures, and more.  This is a ‘binge-style’ podcast, and it is designed so you can engage episodes in any order, any number of episodes, or focus on particular topics or guests.  The podcast official launch will coincide with Open Access Week.

Episode 0Introduction to Special Topic – Emergent Scholarship

Episode 1Emergent Scholarship w/ Martin Weller (author of The Digital Scholar)

Episode 2Networked Identity & Peer Review w/ Bonnie Stewart (author of The Digital Academic: Critical Perspectives of Digital Technologies in Higher Education)

Episode 3Scholarship Across Responsibilities w/ Bryan Alexander (author of The New Digital Storytelling)

Episode 4Synergy Between Open Education & Emergent Scholarship w/ Rajiv Jhangiani (author of Open: The Philosophy and Practices that are Revolutionizing Education and Science)

Episode 5Amplifying Knowledge & Scholarship as Multimodal w/ David Kernohan (author of A New Order)

Episode 6 – Navigating Scholastic Expectations w/ George Veletsianos (author of Social Media in Academia)

Episode 7 – Policy & Administrative Negotiation w/ Jon Becker (author of Scholar 2.0: Public Intellectualism Meets the Open Web)