Episode 00 – Introduction & Introducing Emergent Scholarship

Welcome to Edutechnicalities! Our first special series is on emergent scholarship.

This special podcast series on emergent scholarship is designed to inform, advise and inspire higher education constituencies in their approach to and actions involving the production and dissemination of scholarship, with a keen eye on what we have defined as emergent scholarship, or scholarship of historic rigor but not historically considered or valued by governing bodies. These podcasts are entry points into the conversation; you can start with the first one or engage based on topic or guest, and can access as few or as many as you desire. The hope is to develop a foundational understanding of the topic, its current trajectory, and manners in which progress in supporting emergent scholarship can unfold.


Dr. Rolin Moe is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Academic Innovation at Seattle Pacific University. His research sits at the confluence of technological engagement, educational methodology and sociocultural values. As a practitioner, his work seeks to not only inform and develop but to model practice through high-quality interaction. More on Rolin can be found at rolinmoe.org

About Rolin
Assistant Professor & Director of EdTech & Media at Seattle Pacific University. Consultant w/ RAM TEC. Work with faculty, teach students, explore non-formal learning spaces (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums)

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