Episode 03 – Bryan Alexander

Interdisciplinary Scholarship Across Education Roles & Responsibilities

As part of our special series on emergent scholarship, Dr. Bryan Alexander of Bryan Alexander Consulting discussed his experiences as a scholar and practitioner involved in scholarship production in a multitude of roles: as a professor, as a non-profit reserach fellow working with institutions, and as a higher education consultant. Bryan has worked with hundreds of academic institutions on matters directly related to the production and dissemination of scholarship and how scholarhip is treated in promotion, tenure and review. Where are the opportunities for faculty in today’s scholastic landscape, and what obstacles still exist to the acceptance of emergent scholarship?


Bryan Alexander is a futurist, researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher, working in the field of how technology transforms education. Some of the areas of his focus include social media, digital storytelling, mobile devices, gaming, pedagogy, scholarly communication, forecasting, and the future of academia. His work can be found at bryanalexander.org

About Rolin
Assistant Professor & Director of EdTech & Media at Seattle Pacific University. Consultant w/ RAM TEC. Work with faculty, teach students, explore non-formal learning spaces (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums)

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